Custom Software Development


Pre-developed software packages, in most cases, may not be modifiable or customized to ones needs . Our team of adept professionals makes deliberate efforts in comprehending and performing various business applications right from analysis, design and development to testing, implementation and maintenance.

We can provides reliable, quality customized software application development. Small to medium and a growing number of larger companies use our services. We meet your specific business needs/requirements with affordable custom software solutions.

We strive to maintain cordial relation with our clients and remain committed in offering dedicated services throughout all stages of the application life cycle. Our professionals take initiative in comprehending the specific requirements. They help in developing cost-effective and quality custom software development programs utilizing suitable methodologies and worldwide resources. This steers your business processes and strategic direction.

We have expertise and strengths in the following fields :
  • Software Analysis and Design
  • Software Upgrade
  • Client Server Applications
  • Distributed Applications
  • Component Development
  • Complex GUI applications
  • Embedded Systems
  • Data Conversion
  • Systems Programming
  • Wireless and Mobile applications
  • Database Maintenance
Software Packages

We have more than 52 installations of our software Packages specially our premium product is Multi Trade Accounting Software, More than 8 different type of business customized so far and lots of many more features for detail contact us with Inventory control Software, Payroll management Software, Contact Management Software, Address and Mailing utility, quality control software and lots more.

Custom Software Development Solutions :

Product Conceptualization & Realization – Collaborative development with latest technologies such as – .NET, Web Services, J2EE, J2SE, PHP, XML, UML, Oracle, Ms SQL. We provide customize software solutions in different platforms like vb, .net, oracle, java, asp, php, oracle, access, sql server, PostgreSQL, etc.

How we do it?
  • After receiving the requirement on the software development projects, we will provide you a proposal including the estimations of the workload, the cost, and the timeframe.
  • Once we get the project, the technicians will immediately start to analyze and design the system to keep our understanding of requirement consistent with you.
  • We will spend significant time on listening and studying the application scopes of the software, your business modes, and business procedures. Then we will offer an analyzing result report and a development blueprint.
  • Led by the project manager, the development team will start the software development according to the development plan and time schedule.
  • We will keep you informed with the status and progress of the development at all stages of the development project process.
  • Following the coding phase, we will dedicate our efforts on the testing to minimizing the bugs.