Web Design and Development


Our web designs are original and promise high return of investment in today’s volatile and competitive business environment. We ensure to reinforce the brand and true image of the organization. There exists a close association with our clients so that we understand their needs. Website design is not only about portraying what an organization is all about. It is a kind of a bond between you and your potential customer. It should offer maximum usability by making the user interact with your organization on a virtual interface.

How Swap IT Solutions web team work on your project ?

After receiving your order for a web design package, we allocate a design team to your project. The design team analysis the web design questionnaire your completed, visit your current website (if you have one) visit your competitors websites. A draft design concept is then produced and presented to you for your comments.
Our design team then prepare a final design based on your comments and ideas coupled with their own web design experience gained from several years designing high quality websites, we then present this improved design concept for your approval.

Once you are completely happy with the final design, we will then build your site. However if you will like to make amendments, add or change anything on the final design concept we will happily implement the required changes till you are completely satisfied. Your website is then uploaded to you web space.

We believe that the creation of a Web site is only the first step in understanding and utilizing the Internet technology. We work closely with our clients after the Web site is up to help them find their niche in the market place.